New Research Foundation and Think Tank Emerges to Improve Access to and Support for Private Infant Adoption

December 4, 2022

New Research Foundation and Think Tank Emerges to Improve Access to and Support for Private Infant Adoption

Opt Institute is a new research foundation and think tank dedicated to improving access to and support for private infant adoption. In the coming months, Opt Institute’s first commissioned research projects will be made available to the public and include:

  • Adoption and Its Competitors from the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University was led by renowned researcher and author, Dr. George Barna. The research was commissioned by Opt Institute to better understand perceptions and expectations related to adoption in the United States.
  • ‘There’s Always Adoption’: How Americans Perceive Adoptions in the U.S. Today is a report that draws insights from hundreds of in-depth interviews with a random and closely representative sample of Americans to ascertain perceptions connected to the idea, realities, and lived experiences of adoption.
  • Adoption: By The Numbers from the National Council for Adoption highlights American adoption trends, including for infant adoption, intercountry adoptions, and adoptions from foster care. The new report will include updated private infant adoption counts for 2019 and 2020. 

In addition to research Opt Institute leads two adoption advocacy initiatives focused on bolstering awareness for private infant adoptions. 

  • I Am That Kid is a platform amplifying the life-changing stories of incredible people who were adopted as kids. The platform consists of adoption stories from Olympic figure skater and gold medalist, Scott Hamilton, All-American and NCAA champion swimmer, Lori Stenstrom, and St. Louis Cardinal pitcher, Adam Wainwright. Visit the website:
  • Adoption Is An Option is a movement of adoption-focused organizations joining together to change the view of private infant adoptions. Visit the website:

Opt Institute was founded by John Knox, a lifetime entrepreneur who spent 4 decades building and selling highly successful surety bond companies. 

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